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Sheldon Fogelman

Uniquely equipped to serve as agent and attorney, Sheldon Fogelman has worked with many of the most distinguished authors and illustrators in children's books throughout his career. As agent his clients include Jerry Pinkney, Diane Stanley, Richard Peck, T.A. Barron, and Peggy Rathmann, among many others. He has worked on several literary estates including James Marshall's, for which he currently acts as trustee. He was also Maurice Sendak's attorney for over forty years. In addition, Sheldon was one of the earliest agents to attend Bologna Children's Book Fair regularly, and he has represented various publishers including William Morrow Children's Division and Albert Whitman & Co., with regard to dramatic/motion picture/television rights. He has also been a featured speaker at many conferences including the Annual SCBWI Conference in Los Angeles and New York. He continues accepting new clients.

Janine Le

Janine Le joined the agency after graduating from Bucknell Unversity with honors in English (Creative Writing) and completing NYU’s program at its Summer Publishing Institute. She enjoys working with the agency’s clients as an assistant agent and as the agency’s foreign rights manager. Janine has licensed translation rights in over 20 languages and has represented the agency and its clients annually at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Janine is building her list of clients and is open to picture books through YA. She is most drawn to stories with a strong emotional core that influence the way readers view the world, themselves, and the people around them. She is also fond of complex characters and relationships, unique cultural perspectives, and stories with a touch of humor, romance, or both.

Amy Stern

Without realizing it, Amy Stern spent most of her life preparing to be a literary agent. After receiving degrees in creative writing and English at Bryn Mawr College, she earned masters degrees in children's literature and library science at Simmons College, while working as a librarian and a bookseller. In addition to her job as Assistant Agent at the agency, Amy has mentored writing students at Simmons's Center for the Study of Children's Literature, and taught a graduate course there on science fiction and fantasy in children's and young adult lit. Her favorite novel topics include summer camp, giftedness, mental health issues, queerness, and reality television, but more than anything, she likes sympathetic characters in a good story. She often stays up all night reading the newest YA novels while claiming it's "for work."

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